All the Rage

What makes us feel like this?!? Rainbow writing! It’s all the rage in Beit Nitzanim right now.

First grade writers are working on meticulously copying the shapes of Hebrew letters both in print and in script. It started with one kiddo who really loves to write and didn’t find any Hebrew games on the shelves that she wanted to play. She started writing and became so excited about it! Her excitement spread to another child, who quickly sat down right next to her and started writing, too. And from there it caught on like wildfire!

Why rainbow writing? Because some children alternate the colors of their letters to make a pattern.

Some children are testing out script for the very first time! Awesome!

Other children are writing and rewriting Hebrew print until it looks exactly as they want it to. Some children can even write every letter from memory! 

What joy to find a just-right challenge and be able to share it with friends! I wonder what will catch on next!


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