Exploring the Torah in Shalom Chaverim

For the past two weeks, the zero-three year olds and their grown-ups in Shalom Chaverim have been investigating a special Jewish book– the Torah!


We unrolled a Torah together, and peered inside. We discovered lots of Hebrew letters written on soft parchment!

We cared for our own (toddler-friendly!) Torah by building it an aron hakodesh  (act.) The children were hard at work creating a special house for a special Jewish book!


We painted with feathers dipped in paint, just like a real sofer writing a Torah.We also set off on a journey together to visit a real Torah. We paraded through the hallways together, singing “Torah, Torah, Torah,” and looking for the Torah’s special home inside the arc.


There it is! Together, we opened up the arc and peered up high to examine the Torah in it’s special covering inside.  We will continue exploring the Torah over the upcoming weeks together in Shalom Chaverim.

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