Welcoming New Ivrit Challenges

In Anafim, we’ve been discussing what it means to enact our community values of respecting others, respecting ourselves, respecting the room and materials, and being kind. As we started a new way of learning to read Ivrit (Hebrew) this week, Anafimers put these values into action.

After they heard about our new way of practicing Hebrew, Anafim could not wait to get started! Children found the materials they needed and chose a spot in the room where they could do their best, most focused work with their partner.

Even amidst all the excitement of starting something new, Anafimers slowed down and took their time. They made sure that they knew all of the sounds of the otiot (“letters”) and vowels and carefully drew each Hebrew letter. I heard children say things like “Wait, what sound does this one make again?” and “Ok, now that we’re sure of all the letters, let’s try to read this whole line again.”

Children also took care of their learning by asking their partner for help when they had questions and waiting for their partners to finish an activity so that they could move onto the next one together.

I can’t wait to see what other challenges we will meet with this excitement and determination!

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