Feeling at Home

In Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ kindergarten), we are starting to feel like a community. When someone is absent, other children ask, “when are they coming back?”, and say, “I wanted to play with them today”.  We introduced the various jobs that children might have, so they have started to work on caring for each other and our classroom, by… making sure we stay together in the hallways and working together to clean our classroom.  The children are starting to feel at home with each other and our classroom!

One thing that we are doing to help Beit Shorashim V’Shteelim (our classroom) feel like it really belongs to all of us, is making a banner that will hang in our classroom for the whole year, that will remind us of our classroom community every time we see it!

Before we painted on our really nice fabric, we practiced carefully applying paint to our special paint brushes, etrogim (citrons) that we saved from Sukkot.


We tested out painting on butcher paper to see how much paint we would need to use and what it looks like if you press down hard or lightly.


Then we started painting on the fabric:


Some children chose to try using a different part of the etrog (citron) as a paint brush:


Other children used all of their strength to press down with their “brushes”.

There are so many different strategies for painting that we can try!

Tune in next week to learn about our first encounter with our Ya’akov v’Esav (Jacob and Esau) theme and Genesis Chapter 25!


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