Ideas emerge in the studio

This week, the יצירה (Yetzirah–Art/Creativity) studio was abuzz with energy as Nitzanim children shared interpretations from our Ya’akov v’Esav (Jacob and Esau) theme.
Creative expression offers many children a way to reflect on their ideas and questions, test out interpretations, or show an idea that couldn’t be explained with words alone. When children do יצירה (yetzirah–art/creativity) in the company of their peers, they often spontaneously strengthen each others’ interpretations by adding a new point or asking a clarifying question.
Children are beginning to explore ideas of fairness, sibling rivalry, and parental favoritism in our texts from Genesis 25 and 27. It’s so exciting to see children’s ideas emerge in their drawings and paintings. Check them out!
Age 6: “This is Rivkah, and she’s happy when the babies are crushing each other. She’s happy when she’s gonna have the babies because that means she’s gonna have kids. The text told us she has a favorite. I think no parents [should] have favorites. It’s kind of okay and it’s kind of not okay. That’s being mean to the other kid. The dad also has a favorite.” (Genesis 25) 
Age 6: “(Right) He’s [Esav] starting getting angry here… because he wants his birthright back. (Left) Now I’m gonna do that he’s so mad that he’s furious. He turns into a green face. Yelling. And his eyes pop out.” (Genesis 25)
Age 6: “(Left) Actually the mom (Rivkah) is in charge. The mom started it. She wanted to get her son that she liked the blessing. He [Ya’akov] feels kind of happy and kind of sad because his mom is forcing him to do it [steal Esav’s blessing].” (Genesis 27)

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