Something’s in the Air in Beit Anafim

In Beit Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd and 3rd graders), excitement is contagious. This crew loves to learn, play, and laugh together. When we put our minds on something, we feel driven to express our ideas, share them with peers, and see our projects through to the end.

We’re learning that often, we do our best work in a group, like when we’re brainstorming expectations for our learning together as a community.

“Do you think ‘clean up the materials’ goes in ‘Respect for Others’ or a different category?”

We’re seeing that we all bring our own unique strengths and interests to the community.

“I’ll be the reader.”

And that there are many ways to help ourselves and each other learn.

In our new Ya’akov v’Esav theme, we’ve also seen how much we can do when we work on our own independent projects. Through building and drawing, we have practiced shaping our unique understandings of our Genesis 25 text.

After this intense focus, we came together to ask some big questions.

Why is Ya’akov holding onto Esav’s heel?

Did Esav bully Ya’akov?

Where did they live?

How did you pick this text?

I can’t wait to explore these questions and more with Anafim this fall!



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