Anafim v’Alonim Exploring Our New Theme!

It’s already our third week as Anafim v’ Alonim! We’ve begun to dig into our text for this theme, Ya’akov v’Esav! This week when reading through the text the children searched for expressive words that stood out to them. Crushing, serve, stronger, greater…. WOW so many important words!


I’m amazed by the different ways Anafim v’ Alonim has shown the sequencing of events through our text. Some Anafim v’Alonimers made comics to show the different events through our text and we had a very lively which many questions came out of!


Why couldn’t Rivka have children?
How did Adonai “make” Rivka have children?
Why is Ya’akov “grabbing” Esav’s heel?


I’m so excited to continue grappling with Anafim v’Alonim on these important questions that have been raised!

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