Diving deep in our second week

It all starts with a question, and then we’re off!

At the Jewish Enrichment Center, children grow the confidence to articulate their own ideas about God and about Torah.

Yesterday, at kibud (snack), children wanted to talk about the God character in the Torah (Click here for Genesis 25, the first text in our new theme!). Children carried this inquiry with them throughout the day.

  • Child 1: Is this a real story?
  • Educator: This is a story in the Torah. What do you think? 
  • Child 2: I haven’t heard all of them [the stories in the Torah], so I think the same [some of the stories are true and some are fiction]. And, I also don’t think you can talk to God. 
  • Child 1: Some people think if you believe…
  • Child 3: I do it all the time! 
  • Child 1: Some people believe and some people don’t believe. 
  • Child 4: He [God] is real because he controls us.
  • Educator: What makes you say that?
  • Child 4: He’s everything and he’s everyone so if he’s let’s say… if you’re God and you control us… 
  • Child 3: Actually there’s just a little bit of God in everything, and God does not control us. 
  • Child 1: We control ourself!

As the text began to settle inside the children, their ideas about God emerged in their buildings and drawings.

One pair of children built a staircase for the characters to ascend in order to speak to God.

Another pair of children used a clear glass gem to represent something that God gave to Yitzchak (Isaac) to represent fulfilling God’s promise.

And a third child drew swirly brown lines to represent that “most people say he is everywhere and you can’t really see him.”

Pretty deep for our second week, Nitzanim. I can’t wait to see where your questions will take us this year!

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