Celebrations Are Around the Corner!


We are so excited to see you all this Sunday for the last Family Exploration and Celebration of the year.  It begins at 9am followed by a picnic at Harold Washington Park at 10:30am and Pack-Up at 11:30am!  Our children have been wrapping up the different projects they have been working on this theme and cannot wait to share them with all of you.


In Shteelim we’ve been learning about “apology of action.” An apology of action is giving someone a hug or drawing them a picture to show that you are sorry.  With all of our hard work this theme we’ve earned badges that we created and will be presented at a special ceremony on Sunday!



In Nitzanim we painted pots that represent each one of ur themes from this year!



In Anafim we started on our scrapbook pages for the end of the year!



In Alonim V’Middle school we finished up the pages we been working on for our zine!


See you all on Sunday morning for Family Exploration and Celebration!

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