The little things

As our final projects for the year draw to a close, I keep noticing the little details: those day-to-day parts of life in our classroom that make all the big, amazing achievements possible. Like…

Our כיבוד (kibud– snack) routine, where the whole group joins in reciting the ברכות (berachot– blessings). These ברכות (berachot) then become a key reference point for זמן עברית (z’man Ivrit- Hebrew time), as a source of familiar vocabulary, pronouns, and noun forms.


And the games we play, at the end of the day, to reinforce Hebrew vocabulary connected to counting and verbs, and our sense of joy and community.


And the determination inside of the children themselves, who know  that they are capable of learning and creating amazing things, and excited to show themselves the world what they can do. It shows up in requests for “just a few more minutes!” and “I want to do the bonus” and “wait, I want to try that again. Will you stay here and help me?”

Together, a hundred little things have added up to become one amazing year!




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