A Collaboration Celebration!

In Shteelim (“Saplings” for Kindergarten) we have been reflecting on the ways we like playing and exploring at the Jewish Enrichment Center. One thing that I was not surprised to hear children talk about is collaboration, that they like playing and exploring together.

When we use our talking stick, we are collaborating on having a conversation where we all listen to each other’s  ideas. When we agree to talk one at a time and listen to the child that is speaking, we can learn so much from each other!

Reflecting on playing Ona’at Devarim (Hurting with words) and repairing a relationship with an apology of action.

In Shteelim (“Saplings” for Kindergarten) we love playing collaboratively in our building center!

These children are reflecting on our first theme of the year, Avraham v’Sarah (Abraham and Sarah), though building. First, they discussed what to build and who would build what, using statements that start with, “I think that we should…”, listening to each idea before they started.


These children are working together on the placement of a strand of beads for our end of year project. We really need two sets of hands to glue them on!

These children are noticing materials that other children already glued onto our end of year project. This way they can decide which new need materials to add next!


In the game crossing river, a group works together to move from one side of a room to the other, without touching the “water”!

“I like playing crossing the river so much, because we work together!”

We all need to work together if we want to make waves. We all need to lift the Parachute and sit on the edge at the same time if we want to make a tent!

Shteelim (“Saplings” for Kindergarten), it has been so wonderful watching you grow into a collaborative and caring community though out this year!

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