Celebrating our Hebrew learning

We have just a few sessions left before we conclude our year, and Beit Nitzanim is abuzz with energy as children hurry to complete their Hebrew mastery challenges. What’s a Hebrew mastery challenge, you might ask? It’s a just-right Hebrew goal, just for me. And when I complete one of my goals, I get to celebrate all of the hard work I did this year by putting a big checkmark in the box! (Do you know how much first and second graders love to make checkmarks?!)

Just look at all of the incredible Hebrew learning we’re celebrating:

Singing the Hebrew months independently.

Writing the entire Aleph-Bet in script.

Inventive spelling five words in Hebrew.

Learning all of the sounds of the Hebrew letters.

And so much more! Congratulations on all of your hard work and learning this year, Nitzanim!


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