Reflection and Creation


This week in Shteelim “(Saplings” for Kindergarten) we have been working on our final project, something that will help us remember our year in Shteelim when we come visit it, in the future.

Our first step was to start looking back at our year together in photos, we talked about what we like to play together, memories from the 3 themes we focused on this year, and reminisced about the projects that we liked creating.

Many of us made small images out of clay remind us of our themes, including a tent and water bowl for Avraham V’Sarah and Shabbat Candles for Shabbat. These will be attached to the final project when it is finished.



Then we started our creation process:

We decided which paint color would go where.



We get to pick out the materials we want to work with, there are beads, tiles, sequins and more!

We are even making accents out of wire to add to our project!

After we coil the wire around the end of a spoon we get to smash it by stepping on it!

We are doing quiet, focused work…

…and we are proud of our choices!

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