What does community look like?

We started something new this week. I can’t tell you much about it because… it’s a secret! What I can tell you is that our new project represents the culmination of one whole year together in Nitzanim. Children have worked so hard to learn what it looks like and sounds like to be a Nitzanim community, and it’s ever-so-clear in they way they’re working together on their very special secret project.

This year we worked on taking turns, and here one child holds the painting surface steady while another paints. Then, they’ll switch.  These two used their words to figure out who would be first and who would be second, but other children played Rock-Paper-Scissors.

This year we worked on using kind words. Instead of taking the plate out of someone else’s hand, these children said, “May I have a turn?”

This year, we’ve considered the needs of others. These two are so carefully painting in a small space and making sure not to accidentally knock each other.

And this year, we’ve lent a hand with נקיון (nekayon–clean-up) even if we didn’t make the mess because we’re all responsible for our community.

Wow, Nitzanim! What a gorgeous community you’ve built!

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