A walk down memory lane

This week in Beit Nitzanim, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to begin reflecting on all of the learning and growing we’ve done in our community. We started by looking at photographs to help us remember our favorite ways to play, the projects we’re so proud of, and all of the עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) learning we’ve done this year.

This practice of looking at photographs is a much beloved routine for Nitzanim children, so much so that I’ve done it with the children every year. But this year, I added a brand new question, and I was completely amazed by the children’s honesty and thoughtfulness. Take a look!

Find a picture that shows something that was really challenging for you this year, but you’re glad that you did it: 

“Focusing during זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time).”

“Interviewing other children for our אונאת דברים (Ona’at Devarim–Hurting with words) ebooks.”

“Building Sukkot out of these materials that are hard to work with.”

“Working with children I don’t usually work with.”

“Working in the classroom when Morah Sara is in the hallway working with a different group of children.”


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