Shorashim Teaches Us How To Show Chesed

Shorashim has been learning how to show חסד (chesed – kindness) like Ruth in Megillat Rut.  In Megillat Rut, she shows חסד by sharing her barley.  That is certainly one way that we can still show חסד, but there are so many other non-barley related ways!  Throughout our day in Shorashim last week, we noted times that we showed חסד and added it to our list.  By the end of the day our list was so big that it filled up a large white board!  Who knew there were so many different ways to show חסד?  Check out our list below to learn how you too can show חסד!  And if you are sharing this post with someone who is not a reader (like many of our Shorashimers), you’re in luck; we added pictures to each idea to help us make sense of our list!

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