We Love to Learn in So Many Ways

Hey. Just because we can think critically and have long, respectful conversations to hash out our point of view (and absolutely adore doing it), doesn’t mean it’s the only way we like to learn. Please nurture the whole of us. We love to learn in so many, many ways.

We like to learn outside. We like to ask our own questions to get to know people.

We like to use our found natural materials to design a centerpiece for everyone to recall the main ideas of the holiday of Shavuot.

We like to catch up our friend who wasn’t with us last week by spontaneously doing a skit.

And we like a change of scenery. And a chance to share our ideas in different ways, like writing on the board.

And when it starts hailing, we’d like a moment to appreciate the amazing scene right outside our window.

And another moment to marvel at how different it all looks once the sun is out again.

The thing is, because we’re so mature and responsible these days, you might forget that there are many parts of us that need nurturing. But if you listen to us, we’ll help you know what we need in order to grow.

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