The Shteelim Guide to Becoming an Ona’at Devarim Fixing Superhero

Step 1: Learn about אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words)

Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) began our אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) with hearing a playing stories where someone is hurt with words and they receive a verbal apology.“They were walking to the snack bar at the pool. One of them is carrying an empty bowl and accidentally threw it onto someone’s head, they laughed and said, “you look so funny”, then he said, “sorry”.”


Step 2: Learn about Apology of Action

“…If someone got hurt with words and they wanted an apology of action then the person who hurt them with words could make them a picture or offer them a hug, to show they were really, really, really sorry.”

The children had many idea about what they could do for an Apology of Action:

I was going to say give them a flower with a jewel inside, to say sorry and there was an i’m sorry card inside…”

“I want to fix it with a friendship bracelet.” 

“Make a dance party for them.”


Step 3: Make an Apology of action utility belt:

“Inside your utility belts you put things that would help another person do an Apology of Action”:

”You could put a tiny picture.”

“A little apology note.”

“A טוש (tushmarker). To let them know they could draw an I’m sorry picture”

Step 4: Create and play stories where you fix אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) with an Apology of Action

Picking an apology of action:

Creating an אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) story from our story building buckets:

Building an אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) that takes place on a camping trip:

Step 5: Share how you would help fix אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with wordswith an Apology of Action at the Jewish Enrichment Center.


“You would tell them that Apology of action is doing something for people, so they feel better. Because the person who אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים happened to wanted an apology of action.”

“You might have to say, ‘this utility belt has things inside to remind you about fixing אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים with an apology of action’.”

Congratulations! You now qualify to become an אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים (Ona’at Devarim- hurting with words) fixing superhero at the Jewish Enrichment Center!

Kol Hakavod Shteelim! Your compassion has helped you think about the choices that you could make to fix it when someone is hurt with words, and what to do if you see אוֹנָאַת דְבָרִים happening at the Jewish Enrichment Center!


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