Shorashim Helps Dubi the Bear

This past week Shorashim discovered a visitor in our space: Dubi the Bear!  He is a staple at the Jewish Enrichment Center who lives in our סִפְרִיָה (sifriyah – library).  He wasn’t feeling very well, and he heard that Shorashim was learning about showing חסד (chesed – kindness) to each other, so he decided to come on over and see if we could show him חסד (chesed – kindness) and take care of him!

We offered him loving kisses.

We brought him over to the כיבוד (kibud – snack) table so he wouldn’t feel lonely while we ate.

We gave him lots of hugs!

We even shared some of our כיבוד (kibud – snack) with him.

We covered him with a blanket.

And we gave him a sparkly mask so that he wouldn’t catch any more bad germs.

We loved taking care of Dubi!  Who knew showing חסד (chesed – kindness) could be so much fun?!


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