A Different Kind of Connection

I often end up blogging about moments of connection in Beit Nitzanim. We care so much about collaboration, and we deliberately spend time growing the skills for being part of a community. And while I may sound like a broken record, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the beautiful partnerships I’ve seen in Nitzanim over the last week. How is this collaboration different from the collaboration that I write about all the time? I’m glad that you asked…

  • It’s unprompted. Like when this kindergartner and second grader chose to play a Hebrew matching game together. Each partner insisted that the other say the Hebrew letter and sound.

  • Children who don’t often work together are choosing to work together. In yesterday’s Hebrew team challenge, these two partnered to write Hebrew color names with their best spelling.

  • They’re excited about it. One first grader told me that he and his partner made a great team. Today, I overheard a lively conversation between a kindergartener and first grader as they planned their building. These two below grinned at each other when they realized they were partners.

  • There’s a democracy to the partnerships. Children are dividing the responsibilities, sharing ideas, and negotiating conflicts. Their finished work shows two ideas rather than just one child’s. These two shaped an idea that grew and changed as each partner added his or her ideas. They frequently said, “Oh yeah I agree with you…” or, “What if we did it this way?”

  • There’s a certain amount of kindness in the way that partners speak to each other, a respect for one another and a joy in getting to create with a friend. These two were putting their brains together to try to crack a code. They spoke to each other with patience even though they felt pressured to complete the challenge under time constraints.

Nitzanim, I feel so lucky to have watched your community grow this year.

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