Shorashim Knows Their Tsvaim (Colors)!

Shorashim has been putting a focus on their צבעים (tsvaim – colors) vocabulary this past week through a new מִשְׂחָק (mischak – game) we’ve been playing.  It is called ארבעה צבעים (arbah tsvaim – four colors), and is essentially one giant sorting game!  Who knew that we could work our gross motor and cognitive skills all at the same time?!

We start with one big pile of various different colored items in the middle.  The children then have to pick up the items and bring them to the appropriate pile that corresponds to its צֶבַע (tseva – color) all the way in the far corners of the room.

אָדוֹם (adom – red) goes with אָדוֹם (adom – red).

צהוב (tsahov – yellow) goes with צהוב (tsahov – yellow).


ירוק (yarok – green) goes with ירוק (yarok – green).

And כָּחוֹל (kachol – blue) goes with כָּחוֹל (kachol – blue).

The trick to the מִשְׂחָק (mischak – game) is that they have to sort all of the objects as quickly as possibly while only being able to sort one item at a time!  So far, the record is 4 minutes and 56 seconds.  With more practice, we’ll surely beat it!  But who knows, maybe soon we’ll have more צבעים (tsvaim – colors) to sort making it even harder!

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