Shorashim Makes a Seder Plate

This week Shorashim (“Roots,” for nursery children) used the knowledge we’ve learned about the Pesach seder plate to make our very own! We used a variety of different materials to create one giant “plate” for us to hang in our space that would mimic not only the look of the items on the seder plate, but the feel of the items as well.

We glued some bits of soft, smooth, squishy, white foam for the ביצה (beitzah – egg).

We glued hard, bumpy stones for the זרוֹע (z’roah – shank bone).

We sponged on some white-ish paint for the מָרוֹר (maror – bitter herb).

We glued on some “leafy,” green tissue paper for the כַּרְפַּס (karpas – parsley).

We glued on some different bits of paper in brown, tan, yellow, and red paper for the חֲרֽוֹסֶת (charoset – paste of apples and nuts).

We can’t wait until our seder plate is all dry so we can hang it in our space!  Look for it next time you are in Beit Shorashim!

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