Connecting Symbolic Foods of Passover to Exodus 1-15

In Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have been learning Exodus 1-15, the story in the Torah of the Israelites being slaves in Egypt and then being freed. Even the first time that we listened to Exodus 1-15, we started to think about parts of the story that we associate with the symbolic foods of פסח (Pesach– Passover).

Here are some ideas that children shared including times when children were in dialogue with each other!

Child 1: “I think all the things on the Seder plate are about things in the story.”

Child 2: “That’s why there is מָרוֹר  (maror – horseradish root) they (Egyptians) made their (Israelites) lives’ bitter with the hard work.”

“כַּרְפַּס (karpas) goes with the baby boy being put in the water, it made me think about dipping the כַּרְפַּס (karpas).”

“מַצָּה (matzah) goes with Pharoh’s daughter getting Moshe from the Basket. It’s crunchy and to me it’s happy.”


Child 3:”מָרוֹר  (maror – horseradish root) is for the hard work and the plagues that were bitter.”

Child 4: “But the plagues are against the king and the Egyptians.”

Child 3: “It’s still bitter…..Also when Moshe saw them (the Egyptian and Israelite) fighting, it goes withמָרוֹר  (maror – horseradish root).”


“I think (זְרוֹעַ (zehroah – bone shank) is about leaving and the things they had in their hands.”

Child 5: “Matzah is for being quick, because the Israelites did not have enough time to make bread.”

Child 6: “I also think its for being quick, It (the bread) didn’t have time to rise so they had Matzah.”

Child 3: “One idea is that they didn’t have enough time to make bread.”


“כַּרְפַּס (karpas) makes me think of Moshe stretching out his יד (yad- hand) before the Israelites cross the sea.”

“חֲרוֹסֶת (charoset) for leaving because they are free and that is sweet like Charoset.”

“בֵּיצָה (beytzah – egg) for when they (the Israelites) are leaving it taste good, and it feels good to be free.”

After we put the line drawings of Exodus 1-15 in order and added our symbolic foods.

We have so many ideas for how parts of Exodus 1-15 are connected to symbolic foods of פסח (Pesach– Passover)!

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