Getting ready for Pesach (Passover)

Nitzanim are preparing for פסח  (Pesach–Passover) this week by…

practicing singing מה נשתנה (Mah Nishtanah–The Four Questions),

These two started by listening to Mah Nishtanah. Then, in the next round, they sang part of Mah Nishtanah before listening to check if they were right. By the end, they could sing almost the whole thing independently.

playing “14 Parts of the Seder” card games,

Children sang through the whole 14 Parts of the Seder song every time they got a match!

or completing the קדש ורחץ (Kadesh Urchatz) team challenge,

How quickly can both teams put all 14 parts of the Seder in order? And when one team finished first, they hurried over to help out the other team. What sportsmanship!

What’s the best part of Pesach prep? Doing it together! Just look at those gorgeous moments of support, sharing, and partnership.

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