What Do You See/Touch/Feel/Smell on the Seder Plate?

Explorations of Pesach are underway in Shalom Chaverim! There were lots of new things to explore, to touch, and to play with.

We are examining the Seder plate through play, through song, and through art.

We are forming the objects we see using play dough, and counting how many spaces we see.

We are examining the objects with all of our senses. We touched the karpas, we smelled the karpas, and then we explore what happens when we dip, dip, dip the karpas (into paint.)

There are stories to read, of course, and songs to sing together.


We set to work creating our own colorful, beautiful Seder plates. As we work we are beginning to recognize some of the familiar objects.


We will use these Seder plates in our home, and bridge the learning we are doing together with our celebrations at home.

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