Do Middle Schoolers Still Play?

Do middle schoolers still play? Not, play organized sports games, or board games, or video games. But do they still want to let their imaginations run and use their hands to create and get silly together?

Just a quick look around the middle school room this week said it all. Here we are…

…making a rocking chair, because it seemed awesome, and hard, and super fun!

…making a family tree to show how our imaginary characters are related

…building, and moving our “guys” around to let the story unfold as we put new pieces on our set

…designing the entire house, not because it would appear in our project, but because we just had to know what our imaginary character’s house looks like

And, I didn’t get a photo of it, but late in the day, I found our middle schoolers throwing popcorn to catch it in their mouths! No big deal – lots of laughter and easily cleaned up.

We’re getting older, but we still like to imagine and create and get silly together!

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