Shorashim Dress Up for Purim!

In Shorashim we have been celebrating the holiday of Purim.  Purim is a joyous holiday which is traditionally celebrated by dressing up in silly costumes.  This past week Shorashim had fun dressing up in a variety of ways!

We designed silly costumes with foam pieces on sticky paper.

We also came dressed up to school as different things, like a realistic construction worker (who used her tools to fix a friend’s tiara)…

…or an imaginative scary penguin!

We even put together our own completely creative costumes with materials we had in our dramatic play area, such as this “Mermaid Yellower with magic powers.”

And finally, we made costumes to look like our favorite characters from the Purim story: the mean and evil Haman…

…and the kind, and lovely Queen Esther!  It’s amazing how much a costume comes together when you put on the right expression!

What fun we had dressing up for Purim!  We can’t wait to celebrate it one last time on Wednesday, then it’s onto the next holiday: Pesach!

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