We can all learn from each other

All year long we work with the children to activate a sense of community. We can all learn from each other, we say. We practice listening and sharing what we heard our peer say. We practice building with a partner to expose our initial ideas about text to other perspectives. We practice playing Hebrew games together and holding each other accountable for practicing letter and vowel sounds every time we take a turn. We spend a whole lot of time actively practicing how to be a community.

Today, while I was busy helping a group of children with their final projects, I caught some moments that let me know that all of our community building practice has paid off. I overheard the children consulting each other, asking questions, sharing ideas, and problem solving without any prompting from me.

Here are just some of the many moments of connection:

“Look what happens when I use my paintbrush like this to fill in the white spots.”

“I think you should try spreading the paint out more.”

“I’ll take the brown, and you can put the gold on top. We can take turns.”

“Let’s paint the edges first.”

“Can you help me sound this out?”

“So what you do is line up the script chart with the print chart to figure out which letter it is in script.”

Amazing, Nitzanim. Look how far you’ve come!

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