Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) loves having visitors.

This week we had three visitors (okay, they are also related to some of the kindergartners) come to talk with us about ways that they make Shabbat special or different from the rest of the week.

We heard about how some families are busy during the week and that they might not even be able to spend much time together but on shabbat they try really hard to eat a Shabbat dinner together.

The first visitor we had, described their family’s shabbat dinner and shared that on Shabbat morning, they eat breakfast in their pajamas and they get to eat later than they do on the other days of the week. In the afternoon the kindergartner in the family goes to karate.


Teaching a karate stance:

Our second visitor is a grandparent of one of the Kindergartners and even volunteers at the Jewish Enrichment Center on a regular basis! After telling us about their family’s Shabbat dinner, they shared that during the day on shabbat their grandchildren might go swimming or to a birthday party.


The third family shared the special Shabbat song that they sing at dinner, and sang to each of us! They also brought in a special board that they put their challah on, which they bought in Israel!

Its so wonderful to spend time learning about the families that make up our Jewish Enrichment Center community!

After we heard about the ways these families make Shabbat special or different from other days of the week, we did some building,

or dramatic play…

…about what we learned from our visitors.

What do you do to make Shabbat special or different from other days of the week?


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