Shorashim Begins to Explore Purim!

This week Shorashim began to explore the holiday of Purim!

In dramatic play, we held a סעודה (seudah – festive meal) for our friends!  First we tidied up and swept out all of the dust.

Then we cooked some food.

We poured drinks.

And finally we sat down to our delicious meal!

But of course we played Purim in more than one area of the room!  We played a matching game with some aleph bet magnets and various Purim Hebrew words.

We built and decorated Shushan palace for our puppet Purim characters.

And we made מסכות (masechot – masks) for silly Purim costumes!

What fun we are having learning about Purim!  We can’t wait for some new Purim explorations next week!

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