Working Together

There is something really special happening in Beit Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten).


You can hear it in the way children talk to one another when working on a Hebrew challenge….

“I can look for ש (‘shin’), can you help by looking for ב (‘bet’) and ת (‘tav’)?”


…and the words they use when they go out of their way to help out a friend…

“I can help you make the tent!”

You can see it in the way children collaborate when playing making shabbat special and different from other days of the week…

“Can you hold this (kettle) so I can make the special hot cocoa? Its magic, it makes you feel your Shabbat candle feeling.”


…and work together as partners during משחקים (mischakim- games)…

…by having a conversation to decide what number to call during Mr. Fox.


You can see it in the way they are ready to take care of communal spaces….

“Let’s dry the counter to help the cleaners take care of the bathroom,” another child chimes in with, “this way no one will get wet when they wash their hands.”


You can see it in the shared pride we have for projects we work on together…

Yep, we are community.

We take care of each other.

We are strong when we work together.



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