Yetzirah? We wouldn’t dream of doing text study without it.

Yetzirah (יצירה – art/creativity) is what we create with our hands to show our ideas. Here are just a few of the provocative and insightful ideas that emerged through our yetzirah this week. If we had just used our words to talk about the text, we never would have had these questions and ideas!

What’s the difference between not having restrictions on what you can do on Shabbat, or not having obligations for what we have to do on Shabbat?

“Is Shabbat holy? Is it waiting to be holy?”

“Adonai on Shabbat: he’s resting in his room, looking over everything he’s created. He’s basically the policeman of the world, making sure everything is alright.”

“Yeah, once you make something, you don’t want someone taking it out of your hands, to destroy it. You’d look it over and be proud.”

“Creation and the Exodus from Egypt – they’re all together on Shabbat, not this or that.”

“Adonai did both these things…You do what he said because he did these two things.”

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