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This week, ענפים (Anafim– “Branches” for 3rd-4th grade children) have been diving deeply into different ideas about  שבת (Shabbat). In order challenge and expand their thinking, they’ve been taking turns interviewing each other about the buildings, drawings, and sculptures they’re creating.

The questions ענפים (Anafim) are asking are laying the foundation for some amazing project based learning this quarter. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the conversations they’re having, and the big ideas they’re starting to explore.

On power and autonomy as kids:

“I think kids have like 30 (percent) freedom usually; 30/70 or 40/60”

“Yeah, grownups don’t have parents who tell them what to do so they have 100”

“Well, everyone has 100, but there are consequences if you break rules”

“So I think… [on Shabbat] it should be 50-50”

“Yeah. Like there are still rules, but more choices”



On Shabbat practices related to using technology differently:

“I would want to always use technology on Shabbat, for relaxing”

“But not phones. I’d be okay with turning off phones, cause it’s like…spending time on work”

“Yeah. Sometimes my parents text while we’re watching movies, it’s weird”

“Or you’re tempted to use them at the table”

“The work computers off, but xBox on.”

“I think it should be, you choose which ones you want…”

“I think you have everything you want except phones.”


On workers:

“If you want to have Shabbat and not go to work, your boss should always let you”

“There probably aren’t that many Jewish people working in restaurants so even if they’re open on Saturday they should be able to take turns so everyone gets a day off”

“My parents have to work but on Friday night we watch a movie or play a board game for at least a few hours”

“Yeah, everyone should take a day off sometimes. For Jews it’s Shabbat but Christians probably have other rules for a day off and Muslims have other ones. But there should be something.”




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