How Many Ways Can We Celebrate Shabbat?

Many of the children in Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten) already associate שבת (Shabbat) with lighting nerot (candles), eating challah, drinking grape juice, and having shabbat dinner.

This week we are moving beyond our initial associations with שבת (Shabbat) by exploring how we might make שבת (Shabbat) feel different from other days of the week. First, we heard some short stories about different ways that families celebrate שבת (Shabbat).

Here are the ways of celebrating שבת (Shabbat) that we tried out this week:

Aquarium Shabbat!

We imagined that we were a family that visited the aquarium for שבת (Shabbat).

“When I went to the aquarium, it wasn’t a regular day, it was winter break.”

Feeding the fish!

We even had a שבת (Shabbat) picnic at the aquarium!


Blueberry Picking Shabbat!

“We could only go if it is summer, or really nice out.”

Sharing some blueberry soup and blueberry tea:

Yoga Shabbat!

We dimmed the lights, put on quiet music and pulled out our yoga mats.

“This is נרות (nerot–candles) pose!  For שבת (Shabbat). You need a partner to do it.”


So many children were excited about being our yoga leaders, we decided on a rotation of each child leading 3 yoga poses each.

Story Shabbat!

Can 5 children share one blanket? They can at Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) Story Shabbat!

We heard a combination of שבת (Shabbat) stories made up by children and a storybook during this cozy שבת (Shabbat) experience.

Children offered these excited responses about our שבת (Shabbat) experiences:

“I didn’t even know you could do shabbat so many ways!”

“Its like, we don’t do these kinds of things every day.”


Some children even thought about how they might want to play שבת (Shabbat) next week.

“In my family we watch a movie on שבת (Shabbat)  we make popcorn and sit on the comfy couch.”

“I would really want to try story Shabbat.”

“Can we have yoga Shabbat again?”

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