Exploring our “Shabbat Candle Feeling”

This week in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) our exploration has been personal in nature. While we have been playing, we have been exploring our “Shabbat candle feeling” (The feeling you get inside when you watch lit נרות (nerot–candles) for Shabbat).

During our explorations, I observed children taking the time to take care of their peers by teaching each other skills, listening to each others ideas and sharing space and materials.

First  we watched lit נרות (nerot–candles). The children took this seriously and entered the space in a quiet way and  watched the נרות (nerot–candles) until it was time to blow them out.

“I feel calm.”

“It made me think about relaxing.”

“(I felt) sort of wiggly.”

We tried out color mixing to make a tzevah that shows our “Shabbat candle feeling”. One child help another figure out what colors to mix together to show their calm “Shabbat candle feeling”.

“Can someone help me mix this צֶבַע (tzevah-color)?”


Two children work in the same space, share materials and ideas about their “shabbat candle feeling”.

“When the candle goes woosh, when it’s lit and it’s so many colors.”


These children chose to show their “shabbat candle feeling” though yoga poses. They figured out a strategy for sharing one ipad.

“One of us will take a picture first, then the other.”

“You go first then you can give it to me.”



Showing their peer how to weave to find out if weaving makes them feel their “Shabbat candle feeling”.


Helping each other with נקיון (nikayon– clean-up) from mandala making.

I wonder how Shteelim (‘saplings‘ for kindergarten) will take care of each other next שָׁבוּעַ (shavuah-week)!

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