Shabbat Moments

In Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) the children have created rich dramatic play about שבת (Shabbat) based on stories that we have read and personal experiences.


In addition to house cleaning, שבת (Shabbat) dinner preparing and guest inviting, we have added going to the grocery store to buy things we might be missing for שבת (Shabbat).

One child suggested that one way to rest our גוף (guf-body) and our brain on שבת (Shabbat) is to get cozy and listen to stories, so we did just that!

This week in our שבת (Shabbat) play we had moments where we stopped and were asked to pay attention what our גוף (guf- body) was feeling.

When we were playing rushing around getting the house ready for שבת (Shabbat) and it was time to light שבת (Shabbat) candles we took a deep breath in and out and very slowly said the ברכה (bracha-blessing) and said how our גוף (guf-body) was feeling.

Teacher: What do you feel inside your גוף (guf-body) right now?

Child 1: Quiet, more shabbat like.

Child 2: There is something that is so different.

Child 3: Well we were rushing around, and we didn’t get everything ready but. But we are still doing it [lighting candles]. We felt calmer lighting the candles.

Child 2: {Shows rushing and stopping with her body}. Well, more quieter.

Now that we have a familiarity with the traditional elements of שבת (Shabbat), catch us next week when we will start exploring what שבת (Shabbat) might feel like.


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