Nitzanim children have been exploring what Shabbat might feel like. We’ve been testing out so many different ways to imagine or experience Shabbat feelings. We’ve been reading stories, practicing guided meditation, playing together, and more! Today, children explored the connection between Shabbat and night time. Are the feelings we associate with night and darkness connected to Shabbat?

When the sun was starting to set, we camped out in the atrium to draw and paint. Children included images of the sky, trees, and the ground in their watercolor crayon paintings. We’ve been working on techniques for using watercolor crayons, and wow did children demonstrate their skills!

Later in the day, when the sky was completely dark, we returned to paint the same scene.

Then, we compared our paintings to notice what they felt like.

Here’s what children had to say:

  • “…it feels peaceful when I look outside in the night sky… and Shabbat it feels peaceful… because we’re reciting the prayers with each other and it’s a time for being with each other and that makes me feel peaceful.” 
  • “Shabbat feels of peace.”
  • “Light makes me feel more like crazy and dark feels like calm. Shabbat feels calm, peaceful.”
  • “Quiet.” (She was explaining that her painting and Shabbat both feel quiet.)

What incredible ideas! I’m excited to see where this theme takes us!


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