Shteelim Shabbat

The beginning of a new quarter is an exciting time in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have begun our new theme, שבת (Shabbat)!

We are doing some research to figure out how we might play שבת (Shabbat). So far we have been reading stories about שבת (Shabbat) and have done some careful looking at shabbat pictures.

 Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) practice taking turns sharing ideas.

Here are some ways that we saw the characters get ready for Shabbat:

“They started getting ready in the morning.”

“They cleaned up and polished the candlesticks.”

“They got a table cloth ready.”

“They made challah and dessert.”

“They got dressed up and they even matched.”

“It is like hard work but a little bit fun.”

A big focus in our play has been getting the house ready for shabbat שבת (Shabbat) and for the guests that are coming.

We rushed around getting ready until it was time to light נֵרוֹת (nerot- candles).

We paused, took a few deep breaths together and then had שבת (Shabbat) dinner with family and friends.

Part of our שבת (Shabbat) play includes trying out different ways of resting our גוף ( guf– body) and brain.

We tried yoga:

I’m going to call this “שבת (Shabbat) pose” because It reminds me of מְנוּחָה (menucha- rest) [from the days of the week song].

We participated in a candle meditation and drawing exploration:

During this exploration, children drew how they felt while watching the candle and breathing deeply:

I felt like a butterfly flying slowly.”

“It felt like I was resting.”

“The breathing was making me feel sleepy and the candle was making me feel warm.”


I am looking forward to more שבת (Shabbat) Shabbat exploration!



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