Yesterday, I watched as all five children chose to sit at the same שולחן (shulchan–table) to work on their Hebrew challenges. I wish I had a picture to share! Only a few children were actually working on the same challenge, but they all wanted to be together.

Just in the short time that we’ve been back from winter break there have been many moments like this one where the children have been drawn to each other like magnets, wanting to play and grow together, seeking connection even when working independently.

Like when one child was setting up a Shabbat scene at the dollhouse and another child, working in a different part of the room, headed over to offer an idea for attaching the roof.

Or, when this child quietly acted out a puppet show and two other children snuck up behind the video camera to get a peek.

These three begged to get the chance to play together.

And we all wanted to point to the words of the (Shema) together.

What gorgeous moments!

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