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The past few weeks have included lots of joyful Hanukkah explorations in Shalom Chaverim.


There were Hanukkiyot for touching, feeling, covering and uncovering.

We found the shamash (helper candle!) and counted the neirot (candles) in both English and Hebrew together as we filled the hanukkiyah.

The children explored dreidels, and hanukkiyot as they used cookie cutters to cut out a special Hanukkah treat.

We worked hard together to mix up a delicious batch of sugar cookie dough.



We formed our own hanukkiyah using play dough one day, blocks another, and then magnetic tiles. 

All around the room we found signs of Hanukkah! Spinning the dreidel and cheering for the “winning” letter brought laughter and beaming smiles to the children’s faces.

We shared these joyful feelings by creating our own Hanukkah cards to share with special people in our families.


Happy Hanukkah!

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