The Learning Keeps Going

Just because our installation of children’s ideas about Torah is now affixed to the wall, it doesn’t mean the learning stops! Here are three ways folks continued to learn from our installation this week.

  1. We Go Back to Reflect on Our Work

We headed downstairs to read and think about each other’s projects.

We wrote each other notes with ideas and questions about our friends’ ideas.

We named what we now know, and what questions we still have about this part of the Torah, relationships, and God.

2. Educators From Other Schools Come Learn, and We Learn From Them

Educators from Mensch Academy visited our installation this week to learn more about how projects let children explore Torah, Judaism, themselves, their communities, and more, all at the same time. Our Enrichment Center educators learned about how to make children’s learning “speak” through the design of our installation, even more strongly.

3. Community Folks Have New Ideas About Torah, and About Children

“There’s real stuff there,” a community member told me. He’s grandfather-age, with no grandchildren enrolled at the Enrichment Center. “I’ve read about half of the children’s comments, and there are really interesting, and deep, ideas. They brings their own perspective to these texts and it gave me something to think about.”


Come visit our installation of children’s ideas about Avraham v’Sarah!

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