Some clues

I can’t believe that it’s the week before winter break. It feels like we were just beginning the year with the Opening Picnic! And yet, when I look around Beit Nitzanim, there are so many clues that actually, we’ve been together for a while and we’ve learned so much and worked so hard to be a community together.

So what are some of these clues that Nitzanim have left me about the hard work they’ve done to build community?

They all worked together to move a REALLY heavy box of blocks into our classroom. No disagreements, just all working toward the same goal.

They asked questions about each other’s work naturally, without being prompted, showing a genuine interest and care for other people.

They love to do things together.

They teach each other new things, like how to make a pop-up card.

They share materials and space. The closer we sit to each other, the better.

They help each other solve word searches and complete Hebrew challenges.

And so much more.

What a beautiful community you’ve created, Nitzanim.

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