Chanukkah Everywhere!

We see חנוכה (Chanukkah) everywhere!

“Look a menorah!”

“Another menorah! It has a helper candle.”

We weren’t sure about this one because it looked a little different, but then we counted. It had שמונה (shmoneh–eight) places for נרות (nerot–candles) and one place for the שמש (shamash–helper candle). Must be a חנוכייה (chanukkiyah–Chanukkah menorah).

A סביבון (sevivon–dreidel), too!

We even had a Chanukkah picnic and sang the ברכוֹת (berakhot–blessings) for lighting the חנוכייה (chanukkiyah–Chanukkah menorah).

(Chag Sameach–Happy Holidays) from Shorashim (“Roots” for nursery)!

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