Noticing Similarities and Differences

We’re barreling head first toward the end of our theme (come join us on December 10 to explore children’s incredible ideas!). Today we took a moment to slow down and look closely at our work to notice similarities and differences between our work and other children’s work. We’re learning that “interpretation” means “my own ideas about the text.” And it’s totally okay, and even encouraged, for our interpretations to be different from each other.

We each looked at a picture of a building or drawing that we did about the same part of Genesis 18, when Sarah overhears that she is going to have a baby.

We noticed that each group had the same characters in their building or drawing: Sarah, Avraham, and the three men.

Our details about the setting were a little different. Some of us used dark blue for the sky. Other groups depicted tents.

A question about how Sarah showcased our differences of opinion:

  • Morah Sara: What do you think Sarah is feeling in your building or drawing and how did you show that?
  • Child 1 (1st grade): Happy [and I showed it] with a smiley face.
  • Child 2 (1st grade): My Sarah feels kind of scared… and kind of happy
  • Child 3 (2nd grade): Scared because she doesn’t know what it feels like to have a baby and happy because she also gets to have a baby.

Wow, Nitzanim! What an interpretive community!

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