Shabbat Around the World in Shalom Chaverim

In Shalom Chaverim, the children are continuing to explore the way Jewish people all around the world celebrate Shabbat.

There were  opportunities to explore authentic ritual objects.

The children moved, touched and manipulated candlesticks and a Kiddush cup as they created their own drawings of Shabbat objects. We even pretended to place candles inside the candlesticks. One child looked quizzically inside the Kiddush cup and asked, “Juice?”



Then, the children made their own Shabbat bread, called Dabo.

Dabo is a Shabbat bread common in Ethiopia. We reflected on our own experiences making challah together, and noticed that the dough felt (and tasted!) similar, but looked a little bit different.

While the Dabo baked, we created our own renditions of beautiful Shabbat candlesticks. We noticed that everyone’s candles looked different, but they all looked special and beautiful for Shabbat!   If you are interested in trying our recipe for Dabo in your home, here it is!

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