Shteelim Making Thinking Visible

In Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten) we have been exploring what different characters might be feeling at different points in the text, Genesis 18.

We tried out a new routine for making our thinking visible called, think-pair-share. When playing the text in so many different ways we don’t always have opportunities to share our ideas with our peers, and this routine offers an opportunity for children to decide what their ideas are and then really listen to the ideas of their peers.

Think inside your brain about your idea. While we were thinking we touched our nose with a finger. This set the stage for children to focus and when we were done thinking we removed the finger, this way our partner knew we were ready to share.

When you and your partner are both ready, decide who will share first. 

Share with your partner.

Share with the whole group.

The question on the table was, what might Avraham have been feeling while rushing and getting ready for the 3 men (Genesis 18:6-7)? Make a face to go with the feeling.

Here are some ideas that the children had:

“He was miserable he doesn’t like rushing.”


“Maybe tired of rushing but he was rushing because of the 3 men because he heard they were traveling for a long time.”


“He was happy and a little tired, tired of rushing, happy to go into the tent to Sarah.”

“He was rushing with his legs and they were tired.”

“He was feeling hot and he was feeling tired.”


During this routine, I noticed children taking care of each other by figuring out a strategy for taking turns and by listening to their partner’s idea.


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