Shteelim Designs Felt Pieces

This week, Shteelim (“saplings” for Kindergarten) designed felt pieces so we could act out the story of Avraham V’Sara on the Felt Board

We sat down and listened carefully to the text, stopping when we heard something we wanted to make

We had so many ideas for the felt pieces we wanted to play with!

We needed a tent, some trees, the characters like Avraham and the three men, and a whole bunch of serving items like plates cups and utensils for welcoming the guests.


Because all of us had so many different ideas, we had to think about what the felt pieces would look like in a way that would make everyone happy.

“What if we made the tent rainbow, so everyone’s idea could be in it?”

When we were finished brainstorming, Morah Lizzi took all our ideas and started cutting out the shapes.

When she brought them back, we were ready to play!

We can use the felt pieces to help us remember and retell the story!

“Avraham was happy, happy to have guests.”

“Sarah was happy. She loved making bread. She is using the flour!”


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