Shorashim Welcomes Some “Guests”

This week Shorashim read in Genesis 18 about how Avraham received three unexpected guests.  Before we read on to find out how Avraham treated his guests, we imagined what we would do if we were to welcome three unexpected guests.  In fact, we actually welcomed three “guests,” into our room in the form of three lovies: Elephant…


and Panda Bear.

We did so much with our guests, making sure that they had as much fun as we always do in Shorashim!

We showed them some of our favorite toys.

We built with them!

We fed them.

We sang the aleph bet with them.

We told them the story of Avraham sitting in his tent.

We taught them how to find different אותיות (otiyot – Hebrew letters)…

…with our favorite big magnets.

We taught our guests how to say our שמות (shemot – Hebrew names) and gave our special guests their own שמות (shemot – Hebrew names): פיל (peel – elephant), קוֹף (kof – monkey), and דוב (dov – bear).

Welcoming guests is such exhausting work (and we imagine visiting is too!) that we even let them rest with us in our tent at the end of the week.

We can’t wait to find out next week if Avraham had as much fun with his guests as we did with ours!

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