The Just Right Challenge

What’s a just right challenge? It’s the one that children stick with for the entire זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time), the one they come back to over and over. And it might be different for each child. Over the last few weeks, Nitzanim children have amazed me with their determination to practice their עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) and their creativity in coming up with challenges that really excite them! Just look at their focus!

This first grader wanted to practice the Hebrew vowels that make the /ē/ and /[a]/ sounds.

This second grader wanted to total the gematria (an alphanumeric code) for familiar Hebrew words in the Genesis 18 text.

These two second graders worked together to fill in the missing letter and vowel sounds in familiar Hebrew words.

This second grader sounded out Hebrew color names and wrote them each in script.

And this first grader wanted to copy our Genesis 18 text in his best handwriting. He noticed so many new vowels and markings in the text!

How wonderful that each child has found or designed a Hebrew challenge that pushes them to learn more and challenge themselves!

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