Where Are You From?

We all live in Chicago. How did your family end up in Chicago?

Tell a story about your great-grandparents.

Where does your name come from?

What’s a value that has been important to your family for several generations?



This week during Middle School Workshop, we told each other stories of where we’re from. It’s the start of an extended project to consider how our family origins have shaped us and the nature of our responsibility to our families. After we shared stories, we wrote for three minutes without stopping. One sixth grader wrote:

“My family has a lot of important things to it, one of the most important things is family. We care about each other, and even though we’re all around the world we call each other period. In my family we are all very curious and we like to find things out. If I could interview anybody I would interview my great-grandma (who I’m named after). I think it would be really cool to interview her.”



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